This week at Trestles

Flying in Fresh Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin has flesh which varies in color from light pink to orange-red.  Orange-red flesh is especially desired by the sashimi market.  It has a firm texture and a distinctive flavor which is similar to but more pronounced than the flavor of swordfish.  Nairagi is considered the finest of the marlins due to its tender flesh.

Featuring a favorite: Skuna Bay Salmon

A perfect Skuna Bay salmon has silver scales, red gills, a thick muscular belly, no blemishes and always firm and thick texture. Every Skuna Bay Salmon is measured according to a 14 point criteria ensuring that each fish is virtually perfect.

Taste: Skuna Bay salmon tastes mild, tender, buttery but always has a firm texture

Kumamoto Oysters !

Kumamoto Oysters are deep-cupped with petite meats, have a mild brininess, sweet flavor and a honeydew finish. They are a favorite for both new oyster eaters and connoisseurs.


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