Kumamoto Oysters, Fresh from South Puget Sound, WA

The Oyster Guide calls the Kumamoto the ‘Chardonnay of oysters’ and are among the most popular oyster due to their luscious fruity flavor and light brininess.
Kumamoto Oysters are deep-cupped with petite meats, have a mild brininess, sweet flavor and a honeydew finish. They are a favorite for both new oyster eaters and connoisseurs.
Kumamoto oysters originated in Yatsushiro Bay, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu Japan and were shipped to the US in 1945. But strangly, even though they are extreemly popular in the US, they are unknown in Japan today. Kumos from California are cultivated by Inter-tidal Longlines while Kumos from Washington are culitvated with the Rack & Bag method.

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