5 star ratingTrestles is what the town of Castle Rock needed! A chef-run restaurant that specializes in seafood and lighter fare yet offers hearty meat options, daily-made delectable desserts, happy hour specials, and a befitting and every-growing wine selection to complete the meal. Great staff, festive atmosphere, and genuine owners make Trestles a home-run! As a coastal guy myself, was very impressed and will be back.

Jason G. Avatar Jason G.

3 star ratingI am a CPV resident and want this place to succeed!  The food is very good.  However, I have been probably a handful of times and can say that during the weekdays, the service is lacking.  Especially, if you sit in the restaurant.  No kids menu, so if you take children, just know that you will pay as if they were an adult.  Great seafood, but pricey.  I'd definitely say this is an adult date night place.  I feel like they are almost there, just need to work on service.  I can say that on the weekends, it seems the... read more

Katie L. Avatar Katie L.

5 star ratingOkay, it's a little pricey, but the seafood is great...and fresh!  Castle Rock and Rox, it's in your hood!!! We loved our Ahi Tuna that the bartender seared right in front of us, my husband's favorite!  We had crab cakes, and I liked them better than mine, but the hubs thought mine were better because he could get a lot more for the same price at our house!  I would order those again and leave him home to eat crab cakes!  We had steak with chimichurri mustard sauce, and that was super tender, and we liked it!  Not ordered, but... read more

Dana K. Avatar Dana K.

4 star ratingSolid neighborhood restaurant with quality food, attentive  service.  Delicious crab cakes, authentic clam chowder, well prepare trout, and fresh fish.  Love the vibe and the focus on making this a quality locals' spot.

Joe S. Avatar Joe S.

5 star ratingExcellent food and service! Our waitress, Madison, was so friendly, prompt and attentive.  The clam chowder and crab cakes are the best but we've never had anything we didn't like. The owners are always friendly and available. Don't miss this great place!

Tammy T. Avatar Tammy T.

5 star ratingThis was a lovely lunch experience, from the very friendly staff to the incredibly delicious food.

My friends and I split the "mussels and steamers" appetizer which were great, then I had the clam chowder and an ahi sandwich.   I think the chowder may be the best I've ever had, and I'm from New England where we pride ourselves on that.

The sandwich was cooked perfectly and on top of an amazing homemade coleslaw.  So good!

One of my friends is vegetarian, and she raved about the portobello sandwich, especially the sauce.

The decor and ambiance is welcoming and modern with beautiful big... read more

E P. Avatar E P.

5 star ratingMy friend and I popped in for Mother's Day for a glass of wine and had the best time at Trestles!  We shared several small plates including the scallop BLT, lobster roll, shrimp cocktail, and oyster shots and oysters on the half shell.  They were all SO GOOD!  They had a nice wine list.  Our server, Alyse was great!  She was knowledgeable and prompt and very sweet.  So happy to have this great establishment right here in Castle Pines!

Kelly B. Avatar Kelly B.

3 star ratingThe restaurant interior is lovely but with the high ceilings and little softness, it is very noisy. We started out with a Caesar salad. But before we were even halfway through our salad, the crab cakes and tacos were served. We should have refused the hot food until we were done with our salads, but just let them sit. When the manager served the crab cakes, he joked how one of them had literally fallen apart. For the $17 appetizer, the chef should have remade the serving. The fish tacos were outstanding and perfectly seasoned - even if I ate... read more

Inez R. Avatar Inez R.