4 star ratingTwo couples of us had dinner at Trestles on August 2nd.  We ate at about  6:45pm and the restaurant was about half full, quiet, and very inviting.  We were warmly welcomed by the hostess and quickly seated.  The ambiance is inviting and warm and somewhat minimalistic.  We ordered the Blue Point oysters to start and they were very fresh and cold--delicious.  Others in the party ordered the Scallop dish with pasta, Cioppino, and the Chicken Picata--everyone thought that their dishes were "excellent" and prepared perfectly.  Trestles was a welcome surprise and is a solid 4+ restaurant.  We would return and... read more

Miles C. Avatar Miles C.

5 star ratingHad the best oysters! Everything is so fresh.  It's delicious. The staff is friendly and takes great care of you!  We will be back

Tanya B. Avatar Tanya B.

Food was beautifully prepared and the flavor was over the top in the best way possible. The price was very reasonable for the quality of food. I enjoyed the atmosphere as well. However, It was a little loud for an intimate dining experience, but we plan on going back on a double date. Some of the best food I've experienced in Denver, CO!

Peter Gunder Avatar Peter Gunder

This was a great experience for me as a chef. I enjoyed this restaurant I thought the menu is very creative love everything that we had on the appetizer menu.

The Caesar salad was fantastic housemaid dressing you could tell the croutons were made there what an awesome salad. This you can tell by the simplest salad that the chef created he took great time and patience to come up with a great recipe !

This brings back memories of a restaurant I used to work for for 13 years over a very seasonal and created new dishes as soon as something... read more

David Epperson Avatar David Epperson

3 star ratingI am a CPV resident and want this place to succeed!  The food is very good.  However, I have been probably a handful of times and can say that during the weekdays, the service is lacking.  Especially, if you sit in the restaurant.  No kids menu, so if you take children, just know that you will pay as if they were an adult.  Great seafood, but pricey.  I'd definitely say this is an adult date night place.  I feel like they are almost there, just need to work on service.  I can say that on the weekends, it seems the... read more

Katie L. Avatar Katie L.

5 star ratingFood was delicious, presentation was perfect and portions were well sized.

Being from Massachusetts we have a high expectation of our seafood and this place delivered! It's one thing to have a good crab cake, scollop or fish plate, but it's a whole other experience at Trestles. The sauces and sides paired perfectly with every plate, salmon with a sweet pineapple salsa, crab cake sandwich with the citrus remoulade, even the filet mignon melts in your mouth. The staff was attentive and provided a five star service at each of our meals. Hats off to the chef for the care... read more

Brett O. Avatar Brett O.

Absolutely delicious! Their seasonings are very good so you can't go wrong! The dessert was incredible!

Do yourself a favor and order the blackened ahi appetizer, salmon with pineapple sauce and the brownie dessert and you will have an amazing meal!

Eric heim Avatar Eric heim

Decent food & wine selection. Service could have been a little bit better. Nice location

Maggie Hardwick Avatar Maggie Hardwick