2 star ratingI think the waters and staff  need to be changed in this restaurant. Made a reservation at 7pm and was seated promptly however, we were ignored for a full 16 minutes no water no greetings the staff cleaned the tables around us and had nothing to say. When we walked out for lack of service the hostess said thanks for coming not even realizing she sat us just 16 minutes ago. We have eaten there in the past and the food is good but the service was bad and still is.

Joseph L. Avatar Joseph L.

3 star ratingI am a CPV resident and want this place to succeed!  The food is very good.  However, I have been probably a handful of times and can say that during the weekdays, the service is lacking.  Especially, if you sit in the restaurant.  No kids menu, so if you take children, just know that you will pay as if they were an adult.  Great seafood, but pricey.  I'd definitely say this is an adult date night place.  I feel like they are almost there, just need to work on service.  I can say that on the weekends, it seems the... read more

Katie L. Avatar Katie L.

5 star ratingUnbelievable. The worse thing about Trestles is the menu. So many wonderful choices I had a very difficult time trying to settle on one of probably several eye-catching choices.

Finally settled on:

Caesar Salad, with two small Annapolis crab cakes with a citrus remoulade, 4 sea scallops with a delicious sauce and a sampling of vegetables, and cranberry juice with lime wedges.

My host had a chestnut soup, 2 Annapolis crab cakes, and finished it off with jalapeno-laced carrot cake, big enough to box half and take home!

All in all, fantastic meals in a beautiful setting.

PS The service was equally fantastic.

Everyone... read more

Joe P. Avatar Joe P.

5 star ratingFood was delicious, presentation was perfect and portions were well sized.

Being from Massachusetts we have a high expectation of our seafood and this place delivered! It's one thing to have a good crab cake, scollop or fish plate, but it's a whole other experience at Trestles. The sauces and sides paired perfectly with every plate, salmon with a sweet pineapple salsa, crab cake sandwich with the citrus remoulade, even the filet mignon melts in your mouth. The staff was attentive and provided a five star service at each of our meals. Hats off to the chef for the care... read more

Brett O. Avatar Brett O.

5 star ratingFrom the moment you walk in, the staff sets the tone for your visit. They are helpful, friendly and very personable. Even though this was my first visit, I felt like our waiter, Blake was someone that had known our table for years. We ordered the shrimp and grits appetizer which was delectable. The grits were creamy, there were carmelized pearl onions that were bursting with flavor and the shrimp were spiced just right. They brought out hot sourdough bread that was hot and crusty. I got the filet with the Gouda mashed potatoes. The filet was perfectly cooked, tender... read more

Sunshyne R. Avatar Sunshyne R.

5 star ratingTrestles is such a unique restaurant for this area. Once we walked in, we were greeted warmly by the host (Mimi) and once seated, our server was quick to take care of our every need and went through the extensive beer list for my husband. I ordered the beer battered tilapia and my husband ordered the spicy Mahi Mahi. Wow! Both orders were so flavorful and the toppings complimented the fish perfectly! Everything is made from scratch and is simply wonderful! The restaurant is clean, well taken care of and is a nice setting to sit a while and enjoy... read more

Rach B. Avatar Rach B.

The first time my boyfriend and I went to Trestles we were treated so well and had pleasant conversation with both the wait staff and the owner, Mimi, and could not wait to go back. However, we recently returned to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday and our anniversary and after spending over $200 we were rudely declined a celebratory dessert with statements such as “we’re not at Denny’s” and “where do you work?”. The food is fantastic and we understand that time and effort was put into both the entrees and desserts but I can’t imagine the business would go under... read more

Bridget Kelly Avatar Bridget Kelly

5 star ratingThe sea food is incredibly delicious and incredibly fresh (less than 48 hours caught out of the west coast we're told), but what you really need to know is, the very young and talented baker behind the scene, prepares desserts that sell out, so you must order your dessert before your entree, otherwise you might just miss out on the best dessert you ever had...if you enjoy sweets that is.  

Everything is exceptional at Trestle especially the oysters!  I'm elated to have true quality in our little town.  Very refreshing and very delectable.

K.M. M. Avatar K.M. M.