Look at what is happening at Trestles!

Fresh Hawaiian Opah                                   

With a Macadamia Panko Crust & A Champagne Citrus Beurre Blanc

Fresh Alaskan Halibut                           

Oven roasted with a Black Garlic Pesto with a Fennel & Sun-dried Tomato Sherry Wine Reduction Sauce, Grilled Baby Bock Choy, Romanesco and Baby Yukon Potatoes.   

Shrimp Pasta                                                  

6 Jumbo tail off shrimp Sautéed with Applewood Bacon, Sundried Tomato, Sugar Snap Peas and a Jalapeno, Smoked Gouda Tequila Cream Sauce over Spiral Egg Noodles



‘Pulpo’ Spanish Style Octopus                      

Charbroiled with a Citrus Thai glaze served with an Asian style Jicama & Granny Smith Slaw and grilled Peaches


Smoked Gouda Potatoes with Grilled Zucchini & Romanesco

From Last wine dinner to or feature menu, Colorado Ostrich Steak!

Colorado Ostrich Steak                                     

Charbroiled to a MR or Med served with a Spiced Rum & Sake Blackberry Glaze

Fresh Gulf Swordfish                                          

Oven Roasted with a Black Garlic Pesto and served with Grilled Baby Bock Choy and a Sun-dried tomato and Caperberry Sherry wine reduction

Fresh Australian Barramundi  “Sea bass”           

Pan Seared w/ a Lime Cilantro Coconut Cream Sauce


7 Spice Ahi                                                             

Seared Rare served with a Citrus Sambal glaze and a fresh Nectarine, Cucumber garnish


Roasted Old Bay Spiced Yukon Potatoes & Fried Brussels

Flying in from Cape Cod…

Big Rock Oysters (MA)

Named not for their size, but for a large boulder that sits on the beach where they’re grown, Big Rock oysters have been raised on the tidal flats of Cape Cod Bay near the town of East Dennis, MA since 2002. They are farmed by Aaron Brochu, a former restaurant operator and pro poker player, with help from the rest of his tight-knit crew, who coddle the oysters for 2-3 years until they’re harvested.

We are huge fans of Big Rock oysters for their plump meats that neatly fill their cups, leaving just enough room for a splash of ocean-y liquor. These oysters pack a rich umami flavor, and finish with clean mineral notes. Pair them with a classic dry martini or a hoppy beer, and you’re guaranteed an excellent night.

Flying in from New-Brunswick, new Oysters

Acadian Pearl

Cocagne, New-Brunswick, Canada

Profile: Nicely plump, crunchy but relatively lean, giving a slightly iodized and sweet flavor reminiscent of the best Mediterranean clams, the Acadian Pearl oyster pleases everyone, from the connoisseur gourmet to the novice. A real gem, this treasure is buried for up to five years deep in Richibucto bay, matured and purified in suspension for the last three weeks, before being carefully harvested and dispatched to the world’s finest tables.

Happy Labor Day!

In observance of Labor day we will be closed Monday September 3rd.

We will open again on Tuesday with our new fall hours:

Fall hours are:

  • Monday thru Saturday 11am – 9pm
  • Sunday Closed.

See you soon and often!

Return of some favorites and introducing a new AHI

Fresh Australian Barramundi    

‘Australian Sea-Bass’ Charbroiled with a Citrus Jalapeño glaze served over a Jicama and Asian Pear slaw

Fresh Skuna Bay Salmon                                     

Pan Seared with 7 spice and served with fire roasted Pineapple, red pepper and fresh basil salsa

Fresh Hawaiian Opah                                          

Macadamia Panko Crust and our Champagne Citrus Beurre Blanc



7 Spice Ahi Tataki                                                

Sushi Grade Ahi Seared with our 7 spice and garnished with a fresh nectarine and cucumber salad drizzled with a citrus Sambal vinaigrette



Red Quinoa Jasmine Rice Pilaf & Grilled Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Tonight At Trestles

Fresh Australian Hiramasa                                

Charbroiled with a Spiced Rum, Sake ginger glaze served over a Jicama and Asian Pear slaw

Hiramasa AKA: Yellowtail Kingfish or Amber Jack, has white, firm flesh and is renowned for its high level of Omega 3 and other beneficial fatty acids. Hiramasa is the Japanese name for this fish and it is highly regarded in Japan.

Fresh Skuna Bay Salmon                                      

Pistachio Panko Crust and our Champagne Citrus Beurre Blanc

Sea Scallop, Shrimp & Grits                                

Large Sea Scallop and Blackened Jumbo Shrimp over Smoked Gouda Gritts with Grilled Tomatoes and Sautéed Haricots Verts


Fresh Australian Hiramasa Crudo                    

Sashimi Grade Hiramasa served with a Citrus Jalapeno Glaze and a Fresh Nectarine Cucumber Garnish


Roasted Yukon Potatoes with Sautéed Haricots Verts (Thin French Green Beans)

Freshly Flown in Oysters

Savage Blonde Oyster from Savage Harbor, PEI

The Savage Blonde shells are usually light colored although we do occasionally see some dirty blondes (darker brown).

The Savage Blonde meats are full and sweet with a briny flavor typical of North Shore, PEI oysters.

Glacier Point Oysters from Halibut Cove, Alaska

Glacier Point Oysters are grown in Kachemak Bay, Alaska at one of the most pristine and northernmost oyster farms in the world.

Appearance: Petite, fluted white and black shells

Flavor: Dynamic brine with a gentle crunch and clean vegetal finish


Some of our Guests Favorites are back this weekend!!

Fresh Hawaiian  ONO                                                 

Pistachio Herb Panko Crust & Champagne Citrus Beurre Blan

Fresh Alaskan Halibut                                        

Oven Roasted w/ our Black garlic Pesto served with Grilled baby Bok Choy and a Sundried Tomatoes & Fennel sherry wine reduction sauce

Fresh Gulf Swordfish                                          

Charbroiled with a Citrus Jalapeño Glaze served w/ an Fresh Mango, Red Pepper and Basil Salad



Fresh Fire Roasted Artichoke                                   

Fresh Artichoke charbroiled and served with a Citrus, Mango Sambal Aioli



Smoked Gouda Potatoes with Grilled Large Asparagus