Fresh Catch: California White Seabass pan roasted with our black garlic pesto.

Unless you live in California, Pacific white seabass may be an unknown fish to you. It is even rare in Northern California, as this fish largely lives in the kelp forests in the Southern part of the state, so it is not a widely known species. Although “bass” is in its name, white seabass, also known as Corvina or king croaker, is not a bass at all. It is actually a member of the drum (or Sciaenidae) family of fish. It is a cousin of the redfish of Louisiana, the weakfish of the Mid-Atlantic states, and the ubiquitous spot and croaker that range from the Delaware Bay down to the Carolinas. It is a delicious fish that is easy to cook and stands up well to a wide variety of cooking techniques.

White Seabass’ Texture and Taste

White Seabass are a moderately low fat fish with a mild flavor, meaty texture, and large white flakes. Their flavor is somewhat similar to halibut.
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