Flying in from Alaska, Glacier Point Oysters

Glacier Point Oysters are grown in Kachemak Bay, Alaska at one of the most pristine and northernmost oyster farms in the world.

From the remote waters of  Alaska comes an oyster that is as bold and complex as an oyster from the largest state in the US should be. Grown in suspended trays and tumbled for superior shell strength and cup definition. Glacier Point oysters take almost 4 years to reach market size.

The flavor of Glacier Point oysters is unlike any other pacific oyster in the marketplace. Their smooth flavor up-front isn’t as briny as other oysters from the Pacific Northwest region. Their sweet, umami finish sets itself apart from the typical cucumber or melon like finish you would expect from a pacific oyster. Perhaps the sweetness comes from the Kombu kelp beds that surround the farm – there’s a reason it’s called Sugar Kelp!

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