Fresh Catch

This week we flew in fresh John Dory! We will be pan-searing the Dory with a Spanish Chorizo and Sun-dried Tomato Sherry Wine reduction over sautéed baby Bok Choy.

A rare find on US Markets, John Dory is a unique fish that seemingly has no close relative; an odd-looking species that is unlike any other in the seas. However, it is prized for its delicious fillets, Dory has a mild taste and a low-fat content.. The Dory is an oval-shaped, flat-bodied fish – extremely thin – with yellow-brown to a grayish olive green skin which is covered with very fine, tiny scales that are barely detectable (and require not scaling). The ten long spines that jut out from its dorsal fin and a trademark “thumbprint” adorning its side are distinguishing marks. Fishery lore has it that this black spot is traced from the righteous touch of St. Peter (The Patron Saint of Fishermen) himself. Hence, “St. Peter’s Fish,” or “St. Pierre’s Fish” to the French, are also common names.

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